Boat Construction Update 2 – First Walkthrough

We had an exciting day!  It was the first time we saw Kosmos in person.  We took some pictures and DivX video, including a full boat walkthrough video!


Kosmos is now in Dana Point where it will be completed.  We were in awe as we saw her. This was the boat we have been dreaming about and planning for since 2003. It was a bit dirty from its long journey from the factory, but it made no difference to us, we were excited as can be.  We have seen many other 43s.  It was great to see ours, and we are amazingly pleased how it turned out so far.

DivX Video

You will need to install the DivX Web Plug-in.  These were taken with our tiny little Pentax Optio S6 camera, which happens to be able to take DivX video.  I resized the videos to be smaller with DivX Converter to make them more bandwidth friendly.

Click on the images below to play the video, it will open another window.

0001.JPG Christi sets the stage.

0007.JPG A full boat walkthrough, including where Eric trips going down the stairs in excitement.  The large contrasts in lighting were tough on the camera, so the colors and focus are off in various spots. I will try to take better video next time, we were just so excited I did this all in one continuous shot.


Select the pictures to get a larger version. The pictures are described from left to right.


43-18000.jpg 43-18001.jpg

Our beautiful boat! As you can see from the pictures there is lots to do.  For example setting up the anchor, antennas (VHF, SSB, radar), smokestack, paravanes, boom, etc. We are also getting mesh covers for the windows to help protect the beautiful wood inside, as well as storm plates to protect the salon windows during long passages.

Salon (aka Living Room)

43-18006.jpg 43-18007.jpg 43-18009.jpg fabriccloseup.JPG 43-18013.jpg

Cabinets and drawers instead of the settee (couch). Stairs up the pilot house. Our cool custom fabic that we think looks fabulous, and the table, which normally is not set this low! Close up of the fabric. The galley (kitchen) with some boxes full of stuff.

Pilot House

43-18012.jpg  43-18016.jpg  43-18002.jpg

Command central! Notice the recessed wing engine levers on the lower left in the picture.  That was our idea, we think it turned out great! Pilot house settee (couch) done with fabric matching the salon and berth (bed) with darker red matching the forthcoming pilot chair and our outside stripe. The helm chair is not there yet, it is one of the last things they install. If you look closely you can see a metal hole below the window to the right. That is where the pilot berth pulls out to, and makes a decent size berth. Electrical panel, if you look closely you can see some Chinese on the taped labels. 🙂

Down to the Staterooms (aka Bedrooms)

43-18017.jpg 43-18018.jpg 43-18019.jpg

The stairs you come down to get to the staterooms, there are 8 of them. The woodwork is amazing. Looking right as you come down the stairs you see the forward stateroom door and berth (aka bed).  Looking left as you come down you see the mid stateroom door and berth (aka bed).

Mid Stateroom

43-18020.jpg  43-18021.jpg  43-18024.jpg  43-18022.jpg

The queen size bed and portholes. Door into the engine room. The head (aka bathroom), you can see the edge of the toliet to the bottom left. Looking towards the entry door you can see the nice mirror and the reflection of the open door to the engine room (Eric’s favorite picture so far).

Forward Stateroom

43-18027.jpg  43-18028.jpg  43-18029.jpg

The little desk and pull out chair. The not quite square shaped berth (aka bed) with porthole. The head (aka bathoom) sink and shower door. Just to the right is the toliet.

Now we wait as the systems are checked out and various items are setup and configured.  We expect the boat to be done sometime in May.

9 thoughts on “Boat Construction Update 2 – First Walkthrough”

  1. It looks amazing! I love the fabric. All our hard work in locating it was well worth it. I can not wait for our trip. I WILL be meeting up w/ you two!

  2. Oh my gosh, It’s hard to say who is more beautiful, Christy or Kosmos **Christy of course ;). May is almost here!! Will you be sailing north over the summer!! I’ll be retiring in April and starting the forever vacation, so let us know if you’ll be in Santa Cruz anytime soon. xox Diane & Harley

  3. WOWWOW, This is great. I am so happy for you two.
    This boat is just what the 2 most fab people on earth deserve! You go girl!
    love ya, Diane & Suzanne

  4. Eric,

    Thanks for the quick tour, I noticed a couple of your changes. I really like the recessed wing engine controls. I know how excited you must be. Im excited for you just looking at the pictures and video. Hopefully someday I’ll get to see it in person.

    Dean Henagan
    Lake Charles, LA

  5. Eric,

    Thanks for the link….from our meeting over dinner a year ago, this is the first I have seen of the pictures. Frankly, I did not have any idea of what to expect. This is a perfectly designed boat, where their appears a maximum use of space and amenities. The word that comes to mind here is “FUN”! I can’t wait to hear more. Say hello to Christi!

  6. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your exctment and the pictures and comentary. What a nice personality, both the boat and comentary. awesome

  7. Could you either post or e-mail me a closeup of your fuel manifold. I have 46 hull 20 and am planning on adding a polishing system and re-doing the fuel manifolds. I presently have a supply and return manifold only and would like to add a tranfer manifold as well. Just looking for ideas. You have a very nice boat.

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