Dana Dinghy Day & New Friends

Kosmos is about 6 weeks away from being done. We sold our previous boat about a month ago, and because we were selling it, we did not get to use it much in the final few months. We have a issue here: Water withdrawls! Luckliy we found a solution to get us out on the water. Meet our new inflatable dinghy!

2006-03-25 12-26-49_0004 (Large).JPG

We took delivery of it in the morning and we got to buzz and row around Dana Point harbor. It was fun. And here is a picture of Kosmos from the dinghy. Continue reading

Boat Construction Update 6 – White Mesh & “Laz”

Each time we visit Kosmos, something else is done. Sometimes it is an obvious change, such as the white mesh covers up on the windows:

2006-03-18 11-08-01_0003 (Large).JPG

Other times you have to look in places such as the lazarette. Err, the where? We were going to link to Dictionary.com for the definition for the less nautically savvy, but it gave us this definition: “Lazarette n. hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy).” Ummmm…  Continue reading

Boat Construction Update 5 – Lots to do…

Lots of people have been suspicious looking at the pictures. Kosmos looks pretty done, yet we say we will be taking possession in May. They even see the boat happily driving along in one picture. What could there possibly be left to do? People wonder if they are holding our boat hostage or something. Shall we swoop in with swords and pirate hats to take the boat right now? Calm down, here is some picture proof there is more to do. Continue reading