Inspirational People for the Boat

Some people may think we made some kind of quick decision to buy a boat.  Far from it! It took lots of research and personal interaction. We came in as skeptics. Yet in the end, here we are with an amazing boat. There have been lots of inspirational and supportive people for our plans, in particular PAE staff and various owners.  This is not a complete list, but is one we wanted to share sooner rather than later.  The following people have really had a positive impact on our lives:

Dan Streech, Jeff Leishman, and Jim Leishman As the owners of PAE/Nordhavn their vision and help have truly made our dream possible. We had a very small part in the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR). We went to learn about boating, and had not yet signed our contract to buy Kosmos. We did learn many important long range boating lessons, but we also learned the most important thing of all: Dan, Jeff, and Jim care deeply for their customers and making dreams come true. We realized buying a boat from them was like buying a boat from close family member. It really sealed the deal when we realized the kind people they are.

Jeff Merrill He is our primary salesperson from Nordhavn. Jeff makes us feel like we are his only client. He has been our friend, mentor, and advocate. Jeff is simply the best and most professional salesperson we have ever seen. Any compliments about the details and options on our boat, they really need to compliment Jeff. He helped us all the way and we are forever grateful.

Brian Saunders He was the first contact at Nordhavn. His patience and diligent answers to our initial questions really encouraged us to go further with our plans. We know we are not the typical Nordhavn customer being rather young, but Brian treated us with respect and patience all the same.

Milt and Judy Baker The Bakers are a dynamic duo with years and years of boating experience. We just love to talk to them. Their support was key for getting us approved as volunteers in the NAR. Milt and Judy were going through the same decisions about buying a Nordhavn at about the same time we were. In fact they almost got a 43, but upgraded to the magnificent 47. Their advice and analysis was insightful and detailed. They really helped us understand the value of a Nordhavn.

Scott and Mary Flanders Owners of the immaculate Egret, a Nordhavn 46, Scott and Mary participated in the NAR and took Egret across the Atlantic. They also took us under their wing and helped personally train us on various boating aspects. They glow with happiness and spirit that is simply inspiring. When people ask us how want to be, we try to explain it, but really in our heads we see visions of Scott and Mary.

Ron and Nancy Goldberg We have never met them in person, but their web site on their boat Duet and correspondence has been great. Their attention to detail and personal advice has been wonderful. We feel more confident and prepared because of Ron and Nancy.

Scott and Terri Strickland Also participants in the NAR, Scott and Terri had an impressive crossing of the Atlantic. We got to spend a brief, but very enjoyable time with them. They quickly dived deep into boating and it great to see how much they have learned. The online Nordhavn forums are filled with insightful post from the Stricklands, which keep teaching us and gives us hope we can succeed as well.

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