Boat Construction Update 8 – Looking Seaworthy

Is Kosmos done yet? No, but a white haired fellow walking by proclaimed “That is the most seaworthy boat I have ever seen in my life!” Here is what he saw:

2006-04-22 17-13-18_0007 (Large).JPG

The smokestack is up. The rigging for the paravanes and boom are much more complete. The windlass (electric motor that hauls up the anchor) was finished and anchor attached. The windlass and hatches have their gray canvas covers. Here is another picture of the paravane rigging: Continue reading

Boat Construction Update 7 – Paravanes and Exterior Goodies

2006-04-15 14-34-33_0009 (Medium).JPG

Quite a bit has happened since our last construction update. First off as you can see, the name and home port is painted on. So instead of people pointing and saying “look at that strange looking fishing trawler boat”, they can now say “look at that strange looking fishing trawler boat named Kosmos, and they spelled Cosmos wrong too, people must be pretty dumb in San Diego.” Sigh. Ok, hopefully rather than “strange” the adjective is “magnificent”. We know Kosmos does not look like most other boats, and we happen to think Kosmos is looking quite seaworthy right now. Of course readers here know why it is “˜K’ not “˜C’, and we are pretty sure that our boat name will lead to some interesting conversations.

There were more goodies attached, for example Continue reading