The Pre-Kosmos Blog Calm

Blog calm = very busy Christi and Eric.

Kosmos is close to being done. We do not like to write about detailed future plans here on the blog, but you can be sure we will report when we take delivery. Also we do not want to jinx anything by prognosticating on dates.

Suffice to say, we are very excited. A long term dream is reaching a turning point. We will soon have a new home, which happens to be a boat. There is enormous responsibility having a boat like this. It feels a little overwhelming right now. We are not there yet, but we look forward to being able to relax with friends and family aboard Kosmos. We know it will take a little while.

In the meantime many things dance in our heads: EPIRB, through hulls, VHF, sea strainers, Racors, black water, bow thruster, DC, auto pilot, inverter, XBM, wing engine, AC, stuffing box, galvanic isolators, windlass breaker, paravanes, snap shackles, dorade vents, day tank, amidships, spectra line, transfer pump, generator, ABT Trac, Colregs, barometer, zincs, port, starboard, aft, inboard, SSB,outboard, gray water, radar, amp-hours, and much much more.

Few misc. blog housekeeping things: We made a few tweaks and updates. For example we added a few links to Useful Resources and fixed up a couple items on the FAQ. We had the wrong video link for the engine room video, which is now fixed. Nothing really big, but we are trying to keep a tidy and accurate blog. Also you may not realize that people have put comments on older posts, such as the options post.

3 thoughts on “The Pre-Kosmos Blog Calm”

  1. That long list of things dances in Eric’s head, not our heads. My head dances with which blinds should we pick?, which pots and pans I should pack?, which box in the garage has the extra bathroom rug & toilet seat set that matches the towels?, how are we going to cart a houseful of stuff to the boat in only one trip?, can I get unpacked in only one day? I somehow think I might have gotten the better end of the things to worry about.

  2. Eric and Kristi,

    Welcome to living aboard! Our heads are always full of all those things and more; yesterday we discovered a mother duck has nested in our dinghy, so now we are worrying about how to get the baby ducklings (once they hatch) out of the dinghy, off the boat deck and into the water without their mother losing them in the process!

    Christi, I will warn you I can almost never find anything, despite endless lists of items and locations (on the boat somewhere, in an unlabeled box in the storage unit, in the back of the truck, left in the short term rental house, etc.), so I usually end up with at least two of various things in various places, always not in the place we need it at that particular time!

    We look forward to following along with your adventures out there. The boat looks fantastic and you are going to have a truly wonderful time.

    Best regards,
    Nancy and Ron

  3. Thats great news we will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you. I am sure all will go well, I am amazed how organised you are especially still finding the time to keep up the website! Great for us onlookers!
    Very impressed with Erics list, hope he has the time in september to tell we what they all are ? and where I might find them on the boat!!

    Seriously wishing you all the best. Have fun.


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