Kosmos Delivery Teaser

After almost three years of planning and waiting something has happened…

We took delivery of Kosmos! Woohoo!

We have stories, pictures and video to share. However we do not have the time to share them right now, but we will soon. Training and wrapping up the final things on the Kosmos is consuming all our time.

Some quick updates: We have been spending the night on the boat, it has been great. We had a licensed captain aboard to test us for insurance purposes, and we passed the test. We went to Catalina for our first shake down cruise. During that trip we had around 20 dolphins riding the wave that the front of the boat makes, and 3 tiny little sparrow-like birds that found their way into the pilothouse.

And.. And.. And… Ok, we need to get back to work. More training and more things to organize. As we mentioned before, we are looking forward to be able to truly relax and enjoy Kosmos. Right now it is hectic.

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