Training Phase and Marina Neighbors

We wanted to say all is well. To be honest there is nothing too exciting to report. We have been very busy with work, and then busy spending time aboard Kosmos. We are in a training and orientation phase. We get a little more organized and a little more confident each time we are on the boat. We follow various checklists and procedures to ensure safe and smooth operation. Overall the boat is feeling less complex, and we are extremely pleased with Continue reading

Islas Todas Santos and First Whale Sighting

Saturday, Jun 10, 2006  Isla Todos Santos. About 10 miles away from Ensenada are a small pair of islands. By the way, when we say miles we mean nautical miles, and for speeds we use nautical miles per hour, aka knots. It was a slow, smooth, and steady trip. 2-3 foot swells and about 10 knots of wind. We anchored at the Isla Norte seen here:

2006-06-10 14-14-33_0004 (Large).JPG 

On our way back a big huge rock appeared towards the front of the boat. Then it disappeared and appeared again with a spray of water. That is no moon, it’s a space station. Err, no it is Continue reading