Adios Ensenada, Hello San Diego

Aug 26, 2006 from Ensenada to San Diego – We had easy 10 hour trip from Ensenada to San Diego. Two to four foot swells and only about 8 knots of wind off the port bow. We ran fast at about 1900 rpm at did about 7.2 knots most of the way. For longer passage we would probably go around 1750 rpm and 6.8 knots. We ran fast because we wanted to make it with plenty of time before customs closed, which we did. Once again we are pleased with the smooth, quiet, and leisurely pace of Kosmos.

We plan to use San Diego as our base of operations as we exercise Kosmos as much as possible before we head to the South Pacific in March/April/May of 2007. Between now and then is the time to go on a trial cruise and get approved as crew for a later, more exotic location.

More Island Fun and Flaming Strawberries

We made another trip to the Isla Todas Santos. This time we knew just the spot to anchor, nestled between some kelp beds in about 30 feet by the north island. The cloud cover varied, but it was warm and pleasant. At one point in time we thought it was raining, but it was a large school of small fish jumping out of the water. It never actually rained. Here are some pictures around where we were anchored.

2006-07-29 11-59-26_0023 (Large).JPG 2006-07-29 12-00-32_0026 (Large).JPG 2006-07-29 12-00-23_0025 (Large).JPG  

We got to try out the snubber we made. A what? Continue reading More Island Fun and Flaming Strawberries