Mission Bay Photo Shoot

We made a couple trips to Mission Bay. It is about 13 nautical miles and an easy trip from San Diego Bay. Both times we anchored in Mariner’s Basin. This was a great chance to take some photos of Kosmos at anchor.

2006-09-16 16-36-28_0044 (Large).JPG 2006-09-16 16-35-50_0042 (Large).JPG

2006-09-16 16-37-59_0050 (Large).JPG 2006-09-16 16-37-34_0048 (Large).JPG

You can anchor in Mariner’s Basin for 72 hours every 7 days. It is a very calm and protected anchorage. In fact, it is so flat that Continue reading Mission Bay Photo Shoot

Ensenada Recap

Ensenada is about a 2 hour drive from San Diego, and we were fools for not visiting there long before we got Kosmos. Ensenada is safe, easy, and friendly. It is a nice get-a-way with very reasonable prices compared with the USA.

We spent most of our time aboard Kosmos either underway or working on various boat projects, but we were able to venture out a few times and see things. Here are some pictures: Continue reading Ensenada Recap

Ensenada to San Diego Pictures

There is little to report from our trip from Ensenada to San Diego. But we did take a few pictures we wanted to share.

As we headed north and the sun rose we looked back and saw the loading cranes and a cruise ship heading into the harbor. You can just barely make them out as the shadows in this picture.

2006-08-25 10-25-23_0014 (Large).JPG

There are actually two cruise ships that arrive about 1 hour apart. Here is the other one we passed. We liked the subtle reflection of the pilot house in this picture. The visability was not too great, and we saw this cruise ship on radar long before we saw her by sight. Have we yet mentioned how awesome radar is? Continue reading Ensenada to San Diego Pictures