Avalon and Night Runs

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Departing October 20, 2006 San Diego, CA arriving October 21, 2006 to Avalon, CA (Catalina Island) and returned October 22, 2006 to San Diego. We left at 11pm Friday night. It is a 12 hour trip to Catalina at Kosmos speed, which is about 6.5 to 7 knots. We had 5 guests with us — Christi’s friend from college, Omar, Christi’s life long friend, Brandie, and Brandie’s husband and two oldest children.

There was no moon and it was quite dark as we headed out. Still in the bay we heard a call on the radio. Hailing fishing boat passing the sub base. Hey, we were passing the sub base too. Hey, wait a minute, radar shows we are the only boat passing the sub base. We do look like a fishing boat. We answered and switched to a working channel. Continue reading Avalon and Night Runs

Los Coronados and Paravanes

Departing October 7, 2006 from San Diego, CA arriving October 7, 2006 to Los Coronados, Mexico and returned October 8, 2006 to San Diego. The Los Coronados Islands are just east of Tijuana and are part of Mexico. They are the closest islands to San Diego. It takes about 4 hours for Kosmos to get there from her slip. We were joined by several friends and Eric’s cousin for a total of 6 on board. The islands are a nature preserves and you are not allowed to set foot on them. A decent anchorage is at 32°23’58.13″N 117°14’21.86″W, but watch out for the aqua culture nets just to the south at 32°23’35.36″N 117°14’4.57″W. In fact a boat got caught in some lines near that area. We heard them calling for help and altered course and went to full throttle to help them. Continue reading Los Coronados and Paravanes