Kosmos Tour

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2006-09-15 20-25-30_0025 (Large).JPG

You really need to see Kosmos in person to appreciate her, but if you cannot make it, here are some videos and pictures.

  • Video Action
    • Outside In – The bright sun caused some havoc on the camera, but you can get the idea of the boat. This video goes from the outside to inside all the way through to the engine room.
    • Pilothouse Around Outside – Once again the bright sun caused havoc on the camera, this time washing out some spots. This video goes from the pilothouse out and around up to the boat deck.

Salon (aka Living Room)

Kosmos Delivery 1 060 (Large).jpg Kosmos Delivery 1 056 (Large).jpg

Galley (aka Kitchen)

Kosmos Delivery 1 054 (Large).jpg

Stairs up to Pilothouse

Kosmos Delivery 1 055 (Large).jpg


DSC01271 (Large).JPG Kosmos Delivery 1 064 (Large)1.jpg

Stairs down to Staterooms (aka Bedrooms)

Kosmos Delivery 1 070 (Large).jpg

Forward Stateroom and Head (aka Bathroom)

Kosmos Delivery 1 077 (Large).jpg Kosmos Delivery 1 079 (Large).jpg

Mid Stateroom and Head

Kosmos Delivery 1 081 (Large).jpg Kosmos Delivery 1 084 (Large).jpg

Engine Room

2006-08-06 14-18-51_0007 (Large).JPG 2006-08-06 14-19-15_0008 (Large).JPG 2006-08-06 14-18-38_0005 (Large).JPG

2006-08-06 14-19-56_0012 (Large)1.JPG 2006-08-06 14-18-45_0006 (Large).JPG

There are also some other photos and videos through the construction process.

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