Anaho Bay Pictures

We made it to a place with semi-decent wireless Internet! Before we continue on with the daily updates, we need to get you caught up on pictures from blogs past. The last photos were leaving Taiohae, Nuka Hiva on our way to the remote Anaho Bay. Here is a view of Anaho from where we are anchored in the bay. If you look carefully, you can see the buildings that make up the village (click on images for larger versions):


View of the bay from the shore of Continue reading Anaho Bay Pictures

Apataki Snorkeling Fun

Today we went snorkeling in the reef near the boat. There are a lot of areas with coral around here, and yesterday on our dinghy ride yesterday we staked out the spot that we thought looked best. It is huge, has lots of coral, and is shallow so you can see everything snorkeling and don’t need to actually dive. We agree the reef here is better than both the ocean and the lagoon in Manihi.

The coral wasn’t quite as good. It was mostly shades of beige, with some dark yellows and purples here and there. There were a lot of cauliflower looking coral and a lot of long, skinny ones that look like a thorny plant. In the ocean at Manihi there was more color and more shapes of coral, like brain shapes. We also forgot to mention that there was a little bit of black coral in the ocean in Manihi. Continue reading Apataki Snorkeling Fun

Floating in Outer Space at Apataki

This morning when we woke up there was no wind at all and the water was smooth as glass. The water was actually a mirror, reflecting the clouds in the sky above. On the horizon, you couldn’t see where the water ended and the sky began. Up until the last couple of days the trade winds have been very strong. We thought around here the wind never died, so the calm has been something of a surprise for us.

Manihi had no bugs that bit, so we were surprised to find that Apataki has a serious mosquito problem. They must breed in the pools of water. A few mosquito had managed to sneak aboard and just about ate us alive in our sleep. Continue reading Floating in Outer Space at Apataki