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We made it to a place with semi-decent wireless Internet! Before we continue on with the daily updates, we need to get you caught up on pictures from blogs past. The last photos were leaving Taiohae, Nuka Hiva on our way to the remote Anaho Bay. Here is a view of Anaho from where we are anchored in the bay. If you look carefully, you can see the buildings that make up the village (click on images for larger versions):


View of the bay from the shore of the village. There are a few patches of nice sand at various parts of the shoreline, but most of the shoreline goes from water to jungle with almost no sand.


Walking along the super-highway. This is the only road. To get to Anaho without a boat, you have to take a car to the next bay over and walk into town on this road. The picture with Eric is near the pension at the end of the village. The picture with Christi is beyond the village. You can see how densely vegetated it is where the land has not been cleared to put up a building. You can also see the road is right on the water, so literally you go from water to jungle.  



This coconut tree laid horizontally across the sand for several feet before curving upward, making a nice place to lay down. Since then we have seen many more that are even more horizontal.

Diving with the Dolphins

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any really good shots. Eric was busy trying to keeping an eye on the swimmers and driving the boat. But here is one where you can see a few playing on the wake of the bow and one where you can see the odd shape of the head.



This was the sunset next to the island of Ua Poa during the passage to Fatu Hiva from Nuka Hiva.


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  1. Great pix, another amazing sunset. Christi is the post card for island relaxation….how beautiful!

  2. I love these pictures! Wow so amazing. Love the pic of the sunset as well as Christi relaxing on the tree. I want one of those trees in my backyard! Dont need a hamock with that one! Ok now catch us up with the stories!

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