Welcome to Suwarrow, Cook Islands

13.14.9S by 163.6.5W – When we first planned our itinerary, after leaving French Polynesia we were going to go to a couple of islands in the Cook Island chain that were literally right on the way. When we started researching the islands, we found that none of them had decent places to anchor the boat. If we wanted to go to the Cook’s, we would have to go to islands farther north or south, both of which were out of our way. So, the revised plan was to skip the Cook’s altogether and go straight to Niue. But several cruisers told us that we really should not miss Suwarrow. Everyone had such good things to say about Suwarrow that we added it to the itinerary, even though it is a two hundred mile (round trip) detour off our route. Continue reading Welcome to Suwarrow, Cook Islands

Passage from Bora Bora to Suwarrow

We had a decent passage from Bora Bora to Suwarrow with seas at a rocky 6 feet when we left, working and slowly mellowing out a little each day to nice 3 foot seas by the last day. Up until that last day we were running at 1600-1700 rpm and doing about 6.4 knots. The last day the wind and current both picked up in our favor and we had to slow down to 1400 rpm to keep our speed at 6.4 knots. Why slow down? So we could arrive at daylight in Suwarrow. Continue reading Passage from Bora Bora to Suwarrow

Bye Bye Bora Bora

This morning we checked the outboard engine motor as soon as we got up. Eric washed off the outside of the engine, then opened it up. He checked the cylinder and it was dry. Good sign. He pulled out the spark plug and dried it. He drained the fuel from the carburetor. Then he tried starting it.

Continue reading Bye Bye Bora Bora

Bora Bora Dinghy Wrestling

We awoke to gray skies, rain, 17 – 20 knot winds with gusts of up to 28 knots, and white caps in the lagoon. The wind kept changing direction, too, so we were swinging all over the place. Supposedly, it was going to clear up this afternoon, and we were planning to leave as soon as it cleared up. Continue reading Bora Bora Dinghy Wrestling

Bora Bora Haircut, Hotel, and Fire Show

When Eric awoke he was still sick, but feeling much better than he had the previous two days. Christi awoke sick. We were planning to leave over the weekend, so we headed into town to check out with the officials. Check out was quick and easy since all the paperwork had been done in Papeete. We got lunch at the pizza place. We got a tuna pizza, which was good. It had more cheese than most of the other pizzas we have gotten. They tend to be sparse with the pizza toppings out here. Continue reading Bora Bora Haircut, Hotel, and Fire Show