Contest – What is in the Bottles?

We thought it would be fun to have a little guessing contest for all the blog readers out there. The winner will get a small souvenir from Indonesia as a prize.

Here are the rules:

1. One guess per person.
2. Post all answers in “comments” on this blog post.
3. First person to post correct answer wins the prize. We will get an address to mail the prize to you through e-mail.

We have seen these little stands everywhere on our tour of Timor, Indonesia. What is in the bottles they are selling? Be as specific as possible, such as a specific flavor. We obviously know it is a yellow tinted liquid. Do not bother trying to read the labels, the picture is not high enough resolution.

Click on the image for a larger version.


24 thoughts on “Contest – What is in the Bottles?”

  1. Honey was a prominent export from Timor in the past. One of your previous posts indicated the flowers were in bloom through the area you toured, so I believe the jars contain honey.

  2. You’re right. The pic doesn’t have the proper resolution.
    However, to me it looks like “Laru”, or “Sopi”
    Stuff is a liquor, made from palms.

  3. Good guesses, but no winner yet.

    If you click on the image it gives you a 1152×1536 pixel version. Browser setting may scale it smaller, but you should be able to zoom a bit to get a better view.

    We currently have Internet, so we will monitor the guesses throughout the day.

  4. Sorry but I forgot to mention in my original comment post.
    The liquor tastes a little like chicken.
    Enjoy !

  5. Can’t imagine what these bottles contain, but I sure enjoy
    travelling the world with the both of you over the Internet.
    Wishing you both more awesome adventures and safe, safe
    passages and travel.

  6. The correct answer is gasoline (petrol). This is a gas (petrol) station. William, you have a very good eye to see that was a funnel. We are going to have to mull over which of you to declare the winner. Chris answered first, but it was your second guess and the rules say one guess only. We’re going to bed now and we’ll get back to you in our morning about which one of you wins.

  7. You are correct — I read the rules after the guesses, therefore I have to disqualify myself 🙂 Give it to William!

  8. Congratulations, William! Please email us your snail mail address so we can send you your prize. And, thank you Chris for bowing down so we didn’t have to choose.

  9. Pssst… offer to split it in half like solomon and see which one of us loves it enough to forfeit?

    Chris, I’m willing to share custody, but will take first possession since I haven’t won anything in a loooooooong time.

    Thank you Grab Family. Best wishes on your continued adventures!

  10. This was fun..I loved reading the responses ..I would have played too but could see all my gusses would have bee incorrect. Congrats to the good sports William and Chris!
    I hope you do this again sometime soon 🙂

  11. Petrol is sold that way all over SE Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam etc. It also comes in a red color and is usually way over priced!

    Hey – when will u guys be in Thailand? Lets hook up!

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