Sunday Buffet Brunch, Singapore Style

Today Eric and Christi were zombies. Four days of non-stop walking and little sleep had taken its toll on us. Omar and Marion were much fuller of energy. They went to the mall so Marion could get more clothes and toiletries. It was looking like Marion’s bag wasn’t going to arrive, after all, so she needed the basics. They were going to Sri Lanka later tonight, and she doubted she would be able to get what she needed in Sri Lanka.

While Omar and Marion were out shopping, Eric and Christi dragged themselves to the marina restaurant for lunch. They were having their Sunday buffet featuring Continue reading Sunday Buffet Brunch, Singapore Style

Site Clarifications

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Hong Kong History Museum, Victoria Peak, Stanley Market

This morning Eric and Christi went on a guided tour at the History Museum. Omar and Marion wanted to sleep in since they were out late shopping. Hong Kong has more than a dozen museums that are all supposed to be really good. A museum buff can easily be entertained for a week or more in Hong Kong.

The museum is in the Tsim Sha Tsui part of Kowloon, only a few kilometers away from our hotel. It is across the street from a University and next door to the Science Museum. There is a quaint old colonial church across the way, but we didn’t have time to go in and check it out. We had barely made it to the museum in time for the tour.

The museum is really amazing. They went over the top in Continue reading Hong Kong History Museum, Victoria Peak, Stanley Market

Hong Kong Island and Temple Street Night Market

Continued from yesterday… There is a walkway along the waterfront. A small section of this walkway is called “Avenue of the Stars” and it is a cross between the “Hollywood walk of fame” and “toontown”, with a statue that looks like a giant Academy Award, stars inset into the concrete and vendor stalls that look like cartoons. We didn’t recognize any of the names on the stars.


We continued past “Avenue of the Stars” up to the Star Ferry terminal. We took the ferry over to Hong Kong Island, which is a scenic ride. The ferry lets you off in the heart of the financial district, which looks much the same as downtown Singapore, with elegant, aesthetically appealing modern buildings. There are a handful of turn-of-the-century colonial buildings around, including Continue reading Hong Kong Island and Temple Street Night Market