Suez Canal Contest

We thought it would be fun to have another contest. Do you remember What is in the Bottles? The winner will get a small souvenir from Greece as a prize. Since we didn’t come up with this contest idea until we were already checked out of Egypt, we couldn’t get an Egyptian prize, so a Greek one will have to do.

Here are the rules:

1. One guess per person.
2. Post all answers in “comments” on this blog post.
3. First person to post correct answer wins the prize. We will get your address through e-mail.

Instead of bottles, we noticed some boxes. There are several clusters of these boxes up and down the Suez Canal. What are they? Be as specific as possible.


Here is a larger version of the picture.

13 thoughts on “Suez Canal Contest”

  1. they are pontoons, to make a floating bridge over the canal. when and if the next war happens.

  2. Im sorry, I know I have only one guess, but I couldnt resist this one.
    the boxes hold huge quantities of bran flakes, to mix with camel milk, for breakfast.

  3. Good guesses. We were hoping it would last a little longer, but we have a winner!

    Benson is correct, they are pieces of a floating bridge system.

    Other canal crossings: There is a permanent bridge across the canal, but it is relatively new. There is also a tunnel under the canal. There are a few ferries and then a few motorized raft bridges.

    Overall the canal has had an interesting history. We are sure glad we could use it because it made it so much easier to get to the Med and keep to our 2 year schedule. Onward to Greece!

  4. I thought they might be storage for boats (such as dhowls) but that would be too obvious. So I guess that they are “accommodations for tourists or workers”, as many of us unfortunates have had to live in such places on remote outposts. .

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