Driving to Fresno

Yes, blog posts are still behind real time by quite a ways. Here the start of a story about a fun trip we had, although not aboard Kosmos. We have been exercising Kosmos about every other week by taking her out of San Diego bay and into the ocean for a few miles. She must be wondering what is going on, since we have not run her for more than 4 hours straight since we have been back. A far cry from the more typical 100 hour runs we used to do. We do try to run all the engines under some load (main, wing, generator) once a week.

Friday, September 25th Ever since Eric returned to his job, he has been working on a huge project that required lots of over time. The project was wrapped up this week, and we decided to celebrate by going out of town for a three day weekend. We had a hard time deciding after all, there were so many people and places that we wanted to go visit. But, we decided on Yosemite, since Christi has never been there and Eric hasn’t been there for many years. We could also see our good friend, Cindi, who lives close by.

Today was the drive up. We left San Diego around 1100 and are pleased to report Continue reading Driving to Fresno

Book Update – Probably Mid-January

We chose a great editor for the book, but he is doing the editing for us on the side from his regular full time job. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the book to him until shortly before Thanksgiving, and with all the holiday festivities, he has not had a chance to finish the editing yet. Once he is done, we will send it to the printer. There will be about a two week window between the printer receiving it and it being available for purchase. It is so close!

Meanwhile, we have several more blog stories coming: our trip to Yosemite, The Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous, The San Diego Maritime Museum, another haul out, a trip to Phoenix, and blog Q & A. However, Eric is also so busy at work and with all the holiday goings on that he doesn’t have time to read over and post the stories, either. But, hopefully soon! Also, we are planning something big and fun for next spring, and as the details start to come together on it, we’ll let you know.

The Birch Aquarium

Sunday, September 20 On Monday morning, Christi picked up some rubber o-rings for the watermaker fresh water filter housing. Eric changed out the rings out when he got home from work. Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick in terms of stopping the leak, so more investigation is going to be needed to figure out the source of the leak. It looks like the filter might not be fitting just right.

We forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, Eric and his dad went to see Continue reading The Birch Aquarium