We Haven’t Vanished

Sorry we have not been updating the blog lately. This post will fill you in on what we have been up to.

Sadly, we misplaced the SD card with the last of our road trip pictures, which is why we never finished the road trip posts. Yellowstone was AMAZING. From Yellowstone, we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is lovely, then to Las Vegas. One day we intend to put up a special post about Las Vegas casinos.

Eric and Christi are split about which “World’s Largest Gift Store” is biggest: Vegas or Missouri. The Missouri store is much larger in terms of square footage. It is filled with unique items, many of which are quite large (like full size stuffed bears and a car). The Vegas store is filled with cheap, tacky souvenirs imported from China. Most of the items are quite small, like key chains and playing cards. Eric says the Vegas store is bigger since they probably have more actual items for sale. Christi thinks the Missouri store is bigger because of the square footage and larger variety of merchandise.

Upon returning from the road trip, Eric was offered a new job. We took a week long trip to Alaska (on a cruise ship–gasp!) with our parents before he began his job. That is another series of posts we hope to put up someday, as well.

Eric’s new job has him working a lot of hours and he has little free time. Christi spent the summer working on a few “life projects” that had been neglected over the last three years. She also cleaned the boat from head to toe, including every secret compartment and under the floors. Now that those projects are done, she has gotten serious about book 2. She had hoped to have it done by the end of this month, but February is looking more realistic now.

Book 1 has been selling incredibly well–for a self-published book, at least. We continue to get great feedback on it. For those of you who have read it, we would appreciate it if you would rate it on Amazon or Lulu for us. Also, if anyone in the Southern California area wants Christi to do a presentation on our trip to a group, please let us know.