Reviews of the Unexpected Circumnavigation Part 1

More Info About The Book:

The book is quite different from the blog in many ways, making it a more enjoyable story.

Jeff Merrill did an extensive book review on the Nordhavn site.

In March, April and May of 2010, it was Number 1 on Lulu in the Travel category! It was also the third top seller of all categories in March 2010.

Read an excerpt printed in Shelf Unbound Magazine’s October/November 2012 edition.

So what are people saying about the book?

“The author did such a good job describing the scenery, food, atmosphere and people, that I felt like I got to experience it too…The amazing and inspirational is in the book as well as the difficult and scary. It was a gripping tale and I can’t wait to read about the next leg of their journey.” Michael Floyd

“In a frank and friendly writing “voice”… Christi Grab does a terrific job of describing the joys and miseries of traveling the obscure South Pacific in a boat less than 50 feet long. This first leg of the Grabs’ bold round-the-world-in-two-years adventure is every bit as exciting and exotic as it sounds…I couldn’t put this one down!” Daniel P. Sniderman “Froggy”

“It’s part adventure, part reality and humor-logue all rolled into one stellar read. Christi Grab does an excellent job of bringing the readers right along with her and her husband, Eric as they embark on a cruise around the world…this epic adventure that is both candid, gritty and hilarious.”  Julie Ann Weinstein

“I loved how the author, Christi Grab, wrote this like a journal and told us so many details about her trip!..I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories-especially since she gives us some hints that some terrible things are coming ahead!” Amy

“Excellent account: A fun read especially for anyone who is considering circumnavigation in a Nordhavn. Looking forward to part 2 and 3.” Ashenoff

“Great Book!!! Once I started reading your book I just could not put it down.” Jerry Mitchell

“The book is fantastic! It causes some serious daydreaming!” Christy Lyle 

“A very interesting story about a couple who discover the world beyond their suburban US experiences, when they circumnavigate in their small Nordhavn power yacht…
In addition to being introduced to the many South Pacific islands at which the couple stopped, we are…also reminded of the wonderful surprises and personal growth that come with the discovery that the rest of the world is not “just like us”…I would recommend this book to people interested in circumnavigating under power, and also those who wonder “what it would be like” to kick off from dry land without decades of ocean-going experience to draw upon.” Dan

“This book is for all of us who have wondered what it would be like to throw off the shackles of everyday life…and experience what this beautiful awe inspiring world has to offer. The book is illuminating and so descriptive you feel like you can taste the food, smell the ocean and meet the people…” Kimberly Parsley Floyd

“I loved your book Mrs. Grab, it took me two days to read as I could not put it down.” Joseph A Zebzda

“…After reading The Unexpected Circumnavigation… I am anxious to travel! I have been bitten by the travel bug-and for several reasons. Of course, I want to see the tropical waters and the islands that Christi and her husband sailed around (I am a beach girl at heart). But I also want to show my kids other cultures, other ways of life…” Amy Brown

“I loved the book… Great Job!!!” David Hershman

“Great stories! Loved the detailed recaps of the food adventures. Looking forward to the next book!” Dave Finley

“Debbie and I really enjoyed your book! The book makes us feel like we were on the boat with you.” Scott Tippin

“…Love the book. What an adventure!” Kurt S.

“I read about a couple, with almost no boating experience, dedicating two years of their lives to circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat. They learned what they needed to begin, and they learned the rest as they went. They persevered. And along the way they experienced so much, saw so much… that my heart just sort of cracked open. I thought, if they can do it… if they can realize their dream… then why can’t I?” Robin Elton 

“I very much enjoyed Christi’s “The Unexpected Circumnavigation”, which was a great read.” Dan 

“Can’t wait for the next book!” Tanya

“Really enjoyed your first book and looking forward to getting the next.” Lynne Edyvean

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