April 2014 Update on Us

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2014-03-29 11.21.27

2012 and 2013 were both challenging years for us. 2012 was hard because Keith was an especially difficult infant due to digestive problems. As soon as Keith outgrew his acid reflux, all three of our parents experienced serious health issues. Helping the folks consumed our 2013.

2014 has gotten off to a better start, though. While Christi’s dad still has issues, overall, he’s doing pretty well. Eric’s mom has stabilized. Unfortunately, Eric’s dad is currently on hospice, but we’ve come to terms with it, emotionally speaking. We now have caregivers coming in to care for his dad, which has helped ease the burden.

Over the last two years, we’ve consistently taken Kosmos out for day trips in the San Diego area, but we’ve only done a few longer trips, all within Southern California. We’re speaking at the Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous in May, and we Continue reading April 2014 Update on Us