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Welcome to the Kosmos Travel Log.

We started full time travel aboard our boat Kosmos in April 2007 and wrapped up full time travel aboard in May 2009.

We made plans and took a two year sabbatical from work to travel the world. We wrote this blog so our friends and family could “travel with us”. Take a look at our pages on the right side of the blog for lots of information, such as the FAQ. We know there are some people planning a similar trip that read along, so we try to put in a few pointers for them. See posts with category Cruising Guide. There are also some boat owners that follow along that want to know about the performance of Kosmos, so we add specific information for them. See posts with category Boat Technical.

Our circumnavigation generated over 700 posts and over 1500 comments.

While we were at sea on our initial 21 day passage, the blogs were in real time so that everyone knew we were safe. Since then, the blog posts were not in real time. It takes hours to write each post and sort through the pictures, so we work on it as we can. We were more concerned with making the posts interesting for our audience than in simply posting for the sake of posting. We would upload posts in a batch when we were some place with decent internet connectivity, and then schedule them to publish, usually each weekday. Also to clarify: Times of posts are Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), when they are posted, not the date and time they happened.

If you are new to the blog, notice all the pages and categories listed on the side of the page. Also we recommend you check out the Highlights page.

We want to make it clear that we are not sponsored by Nordhavn (PAE). We didn’t get a discount on our boat or any other incentive to write good things about Kosmos and PAE. So far, we have been extremely pleased with Our Boat and PAE. We honestly report on all our experiences, and should we ever have problems with Kosmos or PAE, we will certainly disclose it.

We love to get comments on our stories, we read every one, keep them coming! 🙂

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