About Us

Christi and Eric Wedding Photo

Hello, we are Christi and Eric Grab, and this is our travel site. We met in 1999 and were married in 2003. We both grew up in Southern California. Christi grew up in the Los Angeles area, while Eric moved progressively South from Los Angeles to Orange County to North San Diego. We both went to San Diego State University. After we had both long graduated, we were introduced by a mutual friend from college. We have one child, named Keith.

Since college we have both been extremely career driven. We both were burdened with plenty of debt from college, so we worked hard. Christi started her own business. Eric followed a successful technical path of computer science and software engineering, and helped start a couple companies.

We are active and are always seeking a challenge. We really enjoy the outdoors and being social. We love to travel, hence our ambitious travel plans. 🙂

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