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E-mail addresses are going be formatted a bit funny, because we do not want any automatic programs to capture this information. Yet any human should be able to figure them out. We know we are going out a limb sharing things here on a public site, but we want to make it easy for people to get in touch with us. Please be careful with the e-mail addresses and phone numbers. While at sea the satellite phone and address are the only ways to contact us.

  • MMSI (for DSC): 367109510
  • Ship’s Callsign: WDC9987
  • Mobile Phone: 18589679721 (Eric) or 16195170825 (Christi)
  • E-mail 1 : eric at L I V E F L U X do t net
  • E-mail 2 : Same as above but instead of eric use christi
  • Christi’s HAM Callsign: KI6FSL
  • Eric’s HAM Callsign: KI6FSM

You can post a comment on a blog story to send us a message, which is of course public to the world. Historically due to bandwidth limitations it is hard for us to respond to a blog comment with a blog comment, so look for a response in a story posting or e-mail from us. We do read all the comments and love to get them! See FAQ 34.

Important note: The blog stories are generally not in real time. This gives us time to write the stories at our liesure and organize the pictures. This means while you are reading about one location, we will very likely be somewhere else.

5 thoughts on “Contacting Us”

  1. Hello Christi, we have previously communicated about you being a guest speaker. I think it would be fabulous to hear about you tails from the high seas. I will keep you contact information and hopefully get you on the calendar at a future date. Thanks so much.
    Jim Discher | Regional Vice President

  2. what r your plan,s for the futue and where r yall located now injoy your story will buy the books

  3. We are based in San Diego. Our cruising plans are up in the air right now. Between working and elderly parents, we’re not exactly sure when we can take off again. But we will sooner or later!

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