April 2017 Update on Us

Today is the ten-year anniversary of when we left for our circumnavigation! We’ve been reflecting on how our life is so different now than it was ten years ago. It’s almost unbelievable how much life ebbs and flows.

The latest with us:

Eric got a new job as Vice President of Software Engineering for Jaunt, a virtual reality company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eric has already moved up to the Bay Area. Christi, Keith, and Kosmos will follow this summer, after Keith gets out of school and the seas are more favorable.

Keith is now 5. He is still going to the French language immersion pre-school and is doing great.

Christi is still very, very slowly healing from her kidney disease.

We’re still dealing with our elderly parents.

We’re excited about taking Kosmos up to San Francisco Bay, where there is so much more to see and do than San Diego Bay. We’re still hoping to be out cruising in a few years.

Christi, Keith and Kosmos Corondao Island

April 2014 Update on Us

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2014-03-29 11.21.27

2012 and 2013 were both challenging years for us. 2012 was hard because Keith was an especially difficult infant due to digestive problems. As soon as Keith outgrew his acid reflux, all three of our parents experienced serious health issues. Helping the folks consumed our 2013.

2014 has gotten off to a better start, though. While Christi’s dad still has issues, overall, he’s doing pretty well. Eric’s mom has stabilized. Unfortunately, Eric’s dad is currently on hospice, but we’ve come to terms with it, emotionally speaking. We now have caregivers coming in to care for his dad, which has helped ease the burden.

Over the last two years, we’ve consistently taken Kosmos out for day trips in the San Diego area, but we’ve only done a few longer trips, all within Southern California. We’re speaking at the Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous in May, and we Continue reading April 2014 Update on Us

August 2013 Update on Us

Its hard to believe so much time has passed since our last update! In good news, life is going well for Christi, Eric and Keith. Keith is thriving in every way, and while he is still all-consuming, he’s getting easier (and more fun!).

Unfortunately, this year, all three of our remaining parents have had issues arise, so in addition to caring for Keith, we’ve also had to spend a lot of time helping our parents. Christi’s dad had some medical issues that popped up early in the year — in the April 2013 post, we mentioned Christi had already gone to Las Vegas to see him five times, primarily to take him to various doctors. Fortunately, Christi’s dad is doing better now. Just as Christi’s dad started to improve, Eric’s dad — who has been ill for several years now — took a significant turn for the worse. Unfortunately, Eric’s dad has been steadily declining since then. Eric’s mom — who has health issues of her own — is having a hard time with the situation. We’ve decided that caring for children is much easier than caring for aging parents.

Eric is still traveling a lot for work. At the end of June, he went to a conference in Paris. Christi and Keith tagged along. Paris with a baby is certainly a different experience than Paris as a romantic trip for a couple. Below are photos from Paris.

Keith has come so far since the last update! He is now 17 months old. He recently got four molars and is now up to eleven teeth. He’s always amazed us with Continue reading August 2013 Update on Us

April 2013 Update on Us

Keith and KosmosWe haven’t been able to update the blog lately because life has been hectic for us. Eric has been traveling a lot for work. He has had a trip almost every week this year. Most of the destinations haven’t been too interesting, but last month he did have an eight day trip to Siberia. When he isn’t on the road, he puts in long days at the office.

Christi and Keith have also been traveling a lot. They have tagged along with Eric on a couple business trips (Christi was tempted to go to Siberia until she found out it would take 40 hours of travel time each way and the weather forecast was -10.) They have also made five trips to Las Vegas to see Christi’s dad.

We are pleased to report that Kosmos’ new muffler is working. Getting it installed is a long story and we hope to find time to write about it soon. We’ve also got more boat updates to write about, including the toilets, wing engine, new canvas, baby gear and a boat trip up to Oceanside Harbor. And we have some travel posts we want to write, as well.

Keith is now 13 months old and has really turned into a little person! It seems like Continue reading April 2013 Update on Us

February 2013 Update on Us

The latest version of Voyaging Under Power, updated by Denis Umstot, came out in late December. We are excited to report that we (Christi, Eric and/or Kosmos) were referenced seven times with two photos. Voyaging Under Power is the bible of Passagemaking, so being included in the book is an honor. Denis did a great job with the new book.

Life continues to roll along for us. Eric has been putting in long days at the office and is traveling a lot for work. Christi is busy being a mom, which takes all of her time and energy. Keith is now 10.5 months old. Keith is getting easier and more fun every day, and Christi and Eric are enjoying parenting life more and more each day, too.

Three days after we published the November 2012 Update, Keith started crawling. He still demands the undivided attention of the person watching him. If the person watching him walks out of view, he’ll chase after them. If Keith crawls out of view of said person, he’ll stop and turn around and wait for about 45 seconds to make sure he is being followed. If he is not followed, he’ll crawl right back and complain about not being followed.

Even though he likes to crawl, he still prefers to be held. He is affectionate and loving, and likes to initiate hugs and cuddles. He’s recently become ticklish and loves to be tickled. A couple days ago, he started to “high-five.” He likes to clap and will do so every time we say the word “clap.” 

When he hears his name, he turns to look at the person who said it. When we ask if he wants milk, he invariably giggles in delight. If he’s hungry, he’ll respond to the word food with screams of joy. Though he doesn’t react as excitedly to any other words, we’re sure he understands quite a few words now.

Another kind of weird thing he likes to do is  Continue reading February 2013 Update on Us