Moorea Maintenance

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, one of the biggest French holidays of the year. According to Lonely Planet, when a holiday falls on a Saturday, everything is closed the Friday before. Since (we assumed, at least) everything was closed, the plan for today was to do some boat chores, then go snorkeling.

Conditions were ideal for several chores. It is much easier to change fuel filters when the tanks are full and when you are in a calm anchorage, so Eric changed all the fuel filters aboard. Christi assisted. Continue reading Moorea Maintenance

Goodbye Fatu Hiva

May 31 — Thursday was uneventful. We spent the day doing boat chores, which means cleaning, organizing, and maintenance stuff. Eric changed the on engine fuel filters for the generator and main engine. Tip: If the primer pump is not working, turn over the engine to realign the camshaft so the primer pump works. If you forget this step you tend to panic because Continue reading Goodbye Fatu Hiva

Around Taiohae Bay

Sunday, May 20 – We all slept late and lounged around in the morning. It felt really good to have nothing we absolutely had to do. Don’t get us wrong we have plenty of boat chores that need to get done, but they could wait.

Eric went for a ride in the dinghy and met some people that were hanging out on their boats. One boat had some mechanical failures with their autopilot and generator. In losing their generator, they also lost their water maker. They had to steer by hand for 7 days (not fun) and could not shower for almost two weeks (eeeewwww). That made us very thankful for the fact that we had absolutely no failures or problems in our time at sea.

At lunch time we all dinghied in to land to go out to eat. As we were walking down the street, Eric recognized Continue reading Around Taiohae Bay