The Homecoming and Adjusting

Saturday, May 2 — We were up early, which was painful given that we had gotten no sleep the night before last and had a long day yesterday. We got ready and put up the dress flags. Trevor, our crew member on the passage to Ensenada, and his girlfriend Katie arrived at 0845. The original plan had been for them to wait in the channel for us and to take photos of us coming in. Given that we had snuck in a day early, we were going to “recreate” the arrival this morning for the camera. Actually, I am glad that we will be photographed clean and fresh, instead of tired and grungy after a night time run, as was originally planned. We left the slip about 0900. Interestingly enough, on our way out of the slip, we spotted the 57 Nordhavn we had met in Panama. They saw us, too, and gave us a call on the radio to congratulate us.

We went back out to the edge of the bay and Trevor snapped photos all the way up to the dock on Coronado. Our welcoming party was small, just some family and close friends, which was good. We think we would have been overwhelmed by too many people. Here is a shot of Trevor and Katie taking pictures of us.


And then us with Kosmos at the dock on Coronado, and then Kosmos with downtown San Diego in the background.



And few of the people who came out to see us.


Monday, May 4 A few friends had gatherings to welcome us over the weekend. We saw quite a few people, some close friends, some casual acquaintances, over the weekend. Since the thing that we missed most was Continue reading The Homecoming and Adjusting

What Now?

Q: Is the blog over?
A: We have a few more posts coming about re-adjusting to life in San Diego, a trip to Nordhavn in Dana Point and a trip to Greece for Christi’s brother’s wedding. After those, the posts will become erratic (but real time). We will continue to write about both our boat and about our travels (and hopefully, both at once!) whenever interesting things happen. We’ll also continue to do Q & A, so send us questions!

Q: Are you going to start doing presentations/seminars about the trip?
A: We are working on a presentation now that we will be giving at a Nordhavn event in October. We are open to giving the presentation to other groups and/or participating in seminars, so if anyone is interested in having us speak, please let us know.

Q: Are you writing a book?
A: Yes, and we hope to have it published before Christmas. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Q: Are you planning any more interesting adventures?
A: We are planning something in the spring that we think will be interesting. Details will not be announced until the then, and we are sure you’ll be entertained when we do it.
As far as long range cruising goes, we do hope to go again, but at this point in time we can’t say when. It is a matter of money. So, make sure to buy a book for everyone on your holiday shopping list because the more books we sell, the sooner you can start living through us vicariously again!

Some Kosmos World Trip Statistics

Here are some stats on our trip. If you are you interested in any other numbers, let us know and we’ll try to come up with them for you.

Trip Duration
Overall Time: 2 years, 2 days (733 days, 2008 was leap year).
Days at sea/days on land: 199/534 = 27% time at sea

Boat Numbers
Average speed entire trip: 6 knots
Engine Hours: 4,774
Generator hours: 1,902
Nautical Miles: 28,940 (33,821 statute miles, 53,539 kilometers)
Diesel consumed: ~11,800 US gallons, 44,600 liters
Main engine failures: None

Number of passages 7 days or longer: 8 (3 alone, 5 with crew)
Guests that did passages with us: 14 (counting the overnight guests on the Panama Canal transit)
Longest non-stop passage just the two of us: Continue reading Some Kosmos World Trip Statistics

Passage from Huatulco to Ixtapa, Mexico

Day 2

At around midnight, the moon moved to be in front of boat and really lit up the sky, seriously improving visibility. At around 0100, we turned a corner and started pitching some more, but it was still a nice ride overall. The wind did come back in the early morning hours, but it was very light at 4 5 knots real on the nose.

The excellent conditions lasted all day. This passage has been Continue reading Passage from Huatulco to Ixtapa, Mexico