The Medina and Special Ramadan Dinner

Today we made sure to have a big meal in the marina complex before leaving to go sightseeing. We each ordered the biggest breakfast on the menu, the Arab breakfast. It came with eggs and bread, as well as a healthy serving of a thick soft cheese covered in honey. The cheese is different than anything we have had before.

We can see how it would be easier to be faithful to Ramadan when there are no restaurants open, you get to go home from work early, and everyone around you participating. But we don’t know how the people who work in Port Yasmine Hammamet do it when they have to watch tourists stuffing their faces and don’t get to go home early. So we asked our waiter about fasting. He said it was a way of life and you just deal with the headaches and thirst and stomach pains. When we pressed him about how hard it must be to serve food while not eating, he commented it would be a heck of a lot harder for him to resist Tunisian food than it is to resist the western food.

Anyway, we drove back to Tunis. Yesterday we forgot to comment on the driving. Driving in Tunisia is significantly better than in Italy or Turkey, but still crazier than America. The roads are nice and wide, which helps a lot. In Tunisia, red traffic lights are viewed as a yield sign. They slow down, and if Continue reading The Medina and Special Ramadan Dinner

Diving and Exploring Tunis & the Coast

Today we started the day by going diving. The dive center is near the marina office. We met at 0800 and piled into a large speedboat. The boat took us out about 15 minutes away from the marina to a site called Rochio Venus. It is a nice dive site, with excellent visibility and warm water.

Like in Greece, there isn’t a whole lot of color in the water here. There is a plant we believe is called Posidonia that dominates the area. Posidonia looks like thick, long grass. It is green near the roots, but turns white higher up on the grass blades. We saw it in Crete, as well, but there is not very much of it there. Eric said he felt like we were flying above grain fields.

In and amongst the Posidonia is a round, green, delicate plant about the size of the top of a soda can that looks like a green flower. There is also a Continue reading Diving and Exploring Tunis & the Coast

Welcome to Port Yasmine Hammamamet, Tunisia

We pulled in at 0800. There was a strong smell of smoke in the air. We wondered if they were burning trash somewhere nearby. The marina is absolutely enormous, filled with floating finger docks. We were directed past all the finger docks to a prime spot on the sea wall. There were Continue reading Welcome to Port Yasmine Hammamamet, Tunisia

History of Tunisia

Tunisia is located in North Africa, bounded on the west by Algeria, on the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the southeast by Libya. It is the northernmost country on the African continent. Around forty percent of the country is composed of the Sahara Desert, with much of the remainder consisting of particularly fertile soil and a 1300 km coastline. The population is approximately 10,000,000. The indigenous people are the Berber people group, who still exist today.

Like all the countries we have been to in the Mediterranean, Tunisia has a rich history. It is believed Continue reading History of Tunisia