Welcome to Kupang City, West Timor Island Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

10′ 9S by 123′ 34E – Yesterday the wind was erratic, and so was the ride. It would get calm, then rough, then OK, then calm”¦ you get the idea. This morning seas have been reasonably good. We rolled up 2,000 hours on the main engine, which is a lot of time at sea. Eric saw something in the water that he thinks may have been a whale. He saw a spray of water and a flipper, so he is not positive. We made incredibly good speed on this passage, running at 1500 RPM most of the time and averaging over 6 knots. This has been by far our best passage overall, but it also had by far the scariest moments at sea we have ever had. Kind of seems like an oxymoron if you hadn’t read the full story.

Land was already visible when the sun came up. We were passed through some of the smaller islands to the south of Timor. There were islands on both sides of us. They are pretty low. Some have some small hills, but nothing too big. They are green and we could see some big stretches of beach on many of them. The taller mountains of the mainland er, the much bigger island, at least, is visible behind the islands on our right. At 09:00, we rounded the corner of one of the islands and headed into Kupang, located on the southwest corner of Timor Island. The smell of land dirt and vegetation — was strong. It is a good smell.


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Australia to Indonesia – Day 6 & 7 with Squalls

Yesterday the bird left mid-morning, after having stayed with us a good 20 hours or so. The bird was not a good houseguest and left quite a mess behind. Eric had a lot of fun cleaning it up.

We had another unique sunset last night. The horizon was cloudy, and the clouds were a blue-gray color. The sky turned orange-gold, and the color contrast of the blue and orange was quite pretty. The sky slowly darkened to an orange-red before turning pink in the last rays of sunlight, all still contrasted by the blue-gray clouds. The spectacular colors brought on another moment of awe at the wonders of Mother Nature. The moon is almost full and gives off so much light that you can’t see the stars.

Sea conditions were about the same as last reported, though they did get better for a few hours. Even at its rockiest, it still was a much smoother ride than in the Pacific. That is, until about 04:00 in the morning. All night there were several dark, ominous clouds Continue reading Australia to Indonesia – Day 6 & 7 with Squalls

Australia to Indonesia Day 4 & 5

The really good conditions lasted until yesterday afternoon, then the wind died again and the seas went back to fantastic. We know we keep saying it couldn’t possibly get any better, but it did. The swells dropped from 1 -2 feet to only one foot and came at slightly longer intervals, meaning smaller rocking less often. So great. For us, at least. Our friends on the sailing boat Fafner are at sea, too, and they are hating life with no wind.


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Australia to Indonesia – Day 2 & 3

Yesterday the conditions were identical to what we last reported. We were loving life, thinking it couldn’t get any better. But then it did! Early this morning the wind died completely, leaving the ocean smooth and glassy. The clouds in the sky were reflected on the water. The swell was still there, but with the wind chop gone, the ride was smoother. It stayed calm until sunset. Then the light wind returned and conditions went from fabulous back down to only really good. And, Eric saw a Leopard shark, which was icing on the cake.


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Thursday Island, Australia to Kupang, Indonesia — Day 1

Yesterday, our first stop was fuel for Kosmos. We had an appointment at 09:00 and we filled up with duty free fuel at only AUS$1.11 per liter (~ $4/gal USD). Ouch. At least it was cheaper than filling up in Cairns by about 35 cents per liter. The fuel dock is made for taller boats and getting off of it was tricky. After we were done pumping, they told us to go and re-anchor and come back later to pay. We suppose that with 8 zillion customs boats and planes patrolling the area, they figured we couldn’t get too far away if we decided not to pay.

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