November 2011 Update — Big News!

We have a lot to update everyone on:

As we have already announced, Part 2 of The Unexpected Circumnavigation is completed. It will officially go on sale on November 11th, 2001 at However, we are accepting pre-orders at a discounted rate. We have the book in hand and ready to ship.

We are working on a workbook entitled  Recipe for Success: What My Cruising Cruising Will Cost Me that will be premiered at Trawlerfest next weekend. It will be released for sale shortly thereafter.

We are teaching two classes at Trawlerfest, both on Saturday, November 12th, both open to the public:

“Recipe for Success: What My Cruising Will Cost Me”
A workbook detailing all the costs involved with blanks so people can fill in numbers as appropriate for them. As a class, we will go through the workbook and talk about what numbers are realistic to put in those blanks.

San Diego to Panama:
An overview of places to stop along the way, from marinas to anchorages, as well as some sights and attractions onshore. While going south is easy, coming back north can be hard! Some pointers on strategies to use coming back up, as well as information on Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama check in, rules and operating procedures.

And finally, the most exciting news of all! Christi is 4 1/2 months pregnant with a baby boy, due March 12th.


Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Book 2!

The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People Part 2 – Australia to Oman is currently being printed. The book will officially go on sale on Friday, November 11th. It will retail for $21.50 for the paper book and $7.95 for the e-book.

If you would like to pre-order a signed, discounted paper copy of Book 2 for only $16.50, send Christi an email with your mailing address. She will calculate shipping costs and any applicable taxes and send you a total. Payments will be accepted via Paypal or U.S.check. Signed and discounted paper copies of Book 1 are also available for $14.95.

Book 2 Description: 

No one expected these thirty-something professionals to give up their successful careers to pilot their own small boat around the world, especially because they started with almost no boating experience. Instead of the expected sailboat, they chose a 43 foot trawler powerboat, which many believed was incapable of crossing oceans. Most people expected them to fail. But they surprised the skeptics when they successfully circumnavigated the globe in 2 years, visiting 110 places along the way in 34 countries.

Part 2 of The Unexpected Circumnavigation journals Christi and Eric’s travels to 21 fascinating destinations, ranging from popular to remote. You will feel what it is like to be on long sea passages, experience the local food and cultures and participate in unique tours and adventures, including SCUBA, exotic animals, nature’s 600 foot tall “secret rooms” & villages untouched by modernization. Learn about the challenges, rewards, and surprises that come with both traveling and boating.

Speaking at Trawlerfest and Seven Seas Gam!

Sunday, October 2 we will be doing a presentation on our circumnavigation for the Seven Seas Cruising Association’s San Diego Gam. The Gam is an all day event featuring four seminars and open to the general public. For more information, check out the Seven Seas Cruising Association’s site.

On Saturday, November 12 we will be giving two back to back seminars at Trawlerfest San Diego. The first is at 8:30 am: “Recipe for Success: What My Cruising Will Cost Me” where we explain to people how to calculate what cruising will cost them (we are even writing a special workbook for this!). The second is at 10:00 am: “San Diego to Panama.” Trawlerfest is a three day event featuring 18 informative seminars, a boat show, and is also open to the public. For more information, check out their website. 

As far as Book 2 of the Unexpected Circumnavigation series goes, Christi sent it to the editor several weeks ago. The editor is a little over halfway done with it now. We’ve been saying soon for the last year, but the light is at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.