Nordhavn Video Featuring Us!

Nordhavn has been making a series of videos to promote their boats. They featured us in one of them, and they even let us talk about the book at the end!

Nordhavn Interview with Grabs

Sorry we have not been keeping the blog updated. All is well with us; life has just gotten busy. We are still hoping to find that missing SD card so we can load the rest of our Passage Across America Photos and Alaska on a Cruise Ship photos. Also, we had work done to Kosmos in November that we want to write about, as well.

Christi on the Jeff Campbell Radio Show Thursday!

This Thursday, September 2 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm PST, Christi will be interviewed LIVE for an entire hour on the Jeff Campbell Radio Show, which airs on the local San Diego radio station 107.9 FM. You can listen live online. We’ll post the podcast link after the fact.

Extensive Book Review

Jeff Merrill did the most extensive review to date of The Unexpected Circumnavigation. Full disclosure: Jeff is our friend and our Nordhavn salesperson. But above all, Jeff has incredible integrity, and we believe his review is objective and complete. All of the feedback we have gotten on the book so far has been positive. We are still the number 1 selling travel book on Lulu!