Useful Resources

First and foremost, check out Our Book.

Next you can see articles and stories about us or that mention us.

Boating Related Sites and Forums

Boat Travel Sites and Logs

Boating Magazines

  • Latitudes and Attitudes
  • Ocean Navigator
  • PassageMaker
  • Power and Motor Yacht
  • Sea
  • Seven Seas Cruising Association Commodore’s Bulliten


  • Adrift, Callahan
  • Advanced First Aid Afloat, Eastman
  • Atlas of the World 8th, National Geographic
  • Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual, Calder
  • Celestial Navigation Made Easy, Meyrier
  • Changing Course, Cantrell
  • Chapman Piloting 63rd, Elbert
  • Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia II, Davies
  • Embarrassment of Mangoes, Vanderhoof
  • Idiot’s Guide Boating and Sailing, Sargeant
  • Indian Ocean Cruising Guide, Heikell
  • Kon Tiki, Heyerdahl
  • Landfalls of Paradise, Hinz
  • Maiden Voyage, Aebi
  • Powerboat Bible, Stapleton
  • Seaworthiness 4th, Marchaj
  • Surviving the Deep Blue Sea, Sipos
  • The Complete Sailor, Seidman
  • The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing, Bannerot
  • The Cruising Chef Cookbook, Greenwald
  • The Radar Book, Monahan
  • The Unexpected Circumnavigation – Part 1 🙂
  • The Voyager’s Handbook, Leonard
  • Tropical Cruising Handbook, Smaalders
  • Voyaging Under Power, Beebe/Leishman
  • Weather, Buckley
  • World Cruising Handbook, Cornell
  • World Cruising Routes, Cornell

Maps and Geography

Movies and Videos

  • Captain Ron
  • Dashew’s Videos
  • Master and Commander
  • Scott’s Knots
  • The Perfect Storm

Events and Training We Did

  • Bob Bitchin’s Advanced Cruising Seminar (2 days)
  • Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (8 days of setup and training)
  • Nordhavn 43 Owner’s Technical Session (1 day)
  • Nordhavn 43 Post Purchase Training (7 days)
  • HAM Radio Class (3 days)
  • USCG Auxilary Training Courses (About 25 sessions 1 to 3 hours each)
  • Alaska Diesel Captain’s Course (2 days hands-on in our engine room)

There are also plenty of vendor sites for various equipment.

Finally, there have been lots of very helpful people. It would be impersonal to call them just resources. Many have helped us and inspired us.

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