Gila Bend to Globe

April 25, 2010 – Day 2, Gila Bend, Arizona to Globe, Arizona
Via: I8 to 60 (Apache Trail)
Miles: 242

Yesterday’s miles per gallon (statue miles per US gallon) was 42.5. Today’s was a rather low 34 due to the numerous hills and a dirt road. We have made it 553 miles so far.

Here is Eric adding one container of fuel to the tank before leaving the Space Age motel:


Painted Rocks Ancient Indian Site (just outside Gila Bend, Arizona):


Dog Run Saloon — note the no firearms allowed sign on Eric’s left! (Apache Junction, Arizona):


We are bug killers:


Goldfield Ghost town (just outside Apache Junction, Arizona):


The Apache Trail Drive through the Tonto National Forest, Arizona (including 22 miles of treacherous dirt road):




Roosevelt Dam (inside Tanto National Forest, Arizona):


Noftsger Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast (in Globe, Arizona):


This is Part 3 of the Passage Across America series. Read Part 2 here and Part 4 here.

5 thoughts on “Gila Bend to Globe”

  1. sounds like you guys are having a great time! I told Alex, after our quick vacation up to June lake a few weeks ago, that we should take more road trips. We had a great time just driving 300 miles up the state =)

  2. First Tay then Bez all these road trips are so inspiring! I love the pics. By the end of your trip I am sure you’ll have quite a coat of bugs on the bumper similar to the water/grass line on Kosmos!!!

  3. Hi Eric and Christi,

    My son is attending ASU so I teach sailing on Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant. Goldfield was a fun afternoon and we also rented a boat on Saguaro Lake and toured up into the canyons. Very interesting to see the cacti from the boat as I’m from the PNW. I am planning to Buy a N-43 within the next twelve months to travel up the Inside Passage. Are you selling your boat? Please contact me either way and I encourage seeing the PNW in your travels.

  4. You guys look like you are having a blast! Are you going to Michigan too? They have an amazing Christmas store in a cute German town.

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