Chicago to Plain

Saturday, May 8 — Day 15: Sightseeing in Chicago, Illinois (continuing on the Passage Across America)

Lunch with Dan, Lisa and Joella in Edgewater (AKA Viet Nam Town)


Exploring Downtown


Dinner with Christi’s half-brother, Andronikos


Sunday, May 9 — Day 16: Chicago, Illinois to Plain, Wisconsin

Visiting Adler Planetarium


Daytime view of downtown from the Planetarium, which is just a block away from Burnham Yacht Club


We spent the night at the Bettinger House Bed and Breakfast in Plain, Wisconsin. Christi was sick upon arrival, and the owner, Marie, healed her with some homeopathic remedies.


Sunset in Plain


This is Part 13 of the Passage Across America series. Read Part 12 here and Part 14 here.

2 thoughts on “Chicago to Plain”

  1. Thanks for posting that picture I love it! BTW – sorry I didn’t make it clearer in my email to you… Chicago does have a “Chinatown” just south of the Loop. The restaurant we ate at is in a section of Edgewater (centering on Argyle St) in the north side that has been the main Viet Namese neighborhood in Chicago for several decades….

    We had such a lovely time – best wishes with everything!

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