Ask Christi a Question and Win a Free Book!

From Left to Write Book Club is going to be interviewing Christi. They are taking questions from the general public. To encourage people to submit questions, they are giving away a free book. Each separate question posted in the comments on their site is an entry in the book contest.  Now is the time to ask all those questions you’ve been wondering about!

One thought on “Ask Christi a Question and Win a Free Book!”

  1. Good morning to both of you my name is michael and i am 42 years old and i im from australia i think its so great to what you guys haev done i envy you both i just sold my boat i owned a riveria 40ft flybridge and just like you i had never done a ocean crossing and i brought my baot from sydney australia and drove it to melbourne with my oldest son who is now 18 it took us 4 days on and off and i love th norhavn so much because of the distance it can go so i am really thinking of buying one so i can circel compley australia first then go on to more bigger and better adventurs like your selfs if you haev a diret email adress i would love to share some pictures with you god bless michael klein

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