Original Plan

Here is the original plan page about our circumnavigation:

Back in early 2003 a plan formed…The Kosmos Plan, the plan to travel the world.

The grand plan is for Christi and Eric to travel the world in their own boat starting April 2007 and finishing 2009. The boat is named Kosmos, and is the sturdy Nordhavn 43 foot power boat. The world travel plan came first, then came the idea of using a boat to accomplish it.

The grand plan is to travel west, starting and ending in San Diego. We plan to spend roughly 75% of our time exploring land. We are not going to be “on the high seas” for two years, that would be crazy. The first passage would be from San Diego to Nuka Hiva in French Polynesia (that first passage was the longest of our trip, it took 21 days. See our Travel Summary for how it all turned out). For the grand plan the major cruising areas and times are:


Region Summary

  1. South Pacific – 5 months
  2. South East Asia – 3 months
  3. Indian Ocean and Red Sea – 4 months
  4. Mediterranean – 6 months
  5. Caribbean – 3 months
  6. Eastern Pacific / Central America – 3 months

Monthly Ocean/Sea Summary

  1. Apr 2007 – NW Pacific
  2. May 2007 – SE Pacific
  3. Jun 2007 – SE Pacific
  4. Jul 2007 – SE Pacific
  5. Aug 2007 – SE Pacific
  6. Sep 2007 – SE Pacific
  7. Oct 2007 – SE Pacific
  8. Nov 2007 – Coral Sea
  9. Dec 2007 – Timor Sea
  10. Jan 2008 – NE Indian
  11. Feb 2008 – NE Indian
  12. Mar 2008 – NW Indian
  13. Apr 2008 – Red Sea
  14. May 2008 – Mediterranean
  15. Jun 2008 – Mediterranean
  16. Jul 2008 – Mediterranean
  17. Aug 2008 – Mediterranean
  18. Sep 2008 – Mediterranean
  19. Oct 2008 – Mediterranean
  20. Nov 2008 – NE Atlantic
  21. Dec 2008 – NW Atlantic / Carribean
  22. Jan 2009 – NW Atlantic / Carribean
  23. Feb 2009 – NW Atlantic / Carribean
  24. Mar 2009 – NE Pacific (Central America)
  25. Apr 2009 – NE Pacific (Central America, Mexico)
  26. May 2009 – NE Pacific (Central America, Mexico)

A fun tool to look at places is Google Earth. Also see the Noonsite Country Listing to get details of the countries are in each region.

Doing the grand plan in a small boat in a two year time window is considered a rather fast pace, but given our generally faster boat (average 6 knots course made good instead of the usual 4-4.5 knots of a sailboat) we feel we get a good taste of the world. The boat gives us tremendous freedom, and we plan to take advantage of that.

We know you have lots of questions. Look at our Our Boat and then the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have more questions feel free to leave comments.

We would happy to have friends and family share this adventure with us.

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

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