Some Kosmos World Trip Statistics

Here are some stats on our trip. If you are you interested in any other numbers, let us know and we’ll try to come up with them for you.

Trip Duration
Overall Time: 2 years, 2 days (733 days, 2008 was leap year).
Days at sea/days on land: 199/534 = 27% time at sea

Boat Numbers
Average speed entire trip: 6 knots
Engine Hours: 4,774
Generator hours: 1,902
Nautical Miles: 28,940 (33,821 statute miles, 53,539 kilometers)
Diesel consumed: ~11,800 US gallons, 44,600 liters
Main engine failures: None

Number of passages 7 days or longer: 8 (3 alone, 5 with crew)
Guests that did passages with us: 14 (counting the overnight guests on the Panama Canal transit)
Longest non-stop passage just the two of us: 10.33 days from Oman to Egypt
Longest passage with crew: 21 Days, San Diego to Nuka Hiva (second place was 20 days from the Canary Islands to Guadeloupe)
Largest waves encountered: ~18 feet (South Pacific)
% time at gale winds (34-40 knot): ~0.5%
% time at calm winds (0-4 knots): ~5%
% time active fin stabilizers run: 99%
% time paravanes deployed (in addition to active fin): 10%

Stops Along the Way
Total Countries/Overseas Territories visited on Kosmos: 33
Total Countries/Overseas Territories visited including land travel: 34
Total stops made with Kosmos: 77
Total places visited including land travel: 111
Average amount of time stayed in a place without moving Kosmos: one week
Longest time without moving Kosmos: 59 days, the first time we went to Aghios Nickolaos, Crete, Greece. Made a 3 week trip to the US and did some extensive land travel in Greece in that time.
Trips back to CA: 2 trips, each lasting 3 weeks, one to help out with family and one to do some work.

Some Interesting New Activities We Experienced
Active Volcanoes
Being an Emergency Medic (Eric)
Elephant Riding
Hitch hiking (Christi)
Land Sailing
Navigating through heavy traffic in busy ports
Parking in a slip not as wide as or boat
Really bad seas
Repairing boat systems
SCUBA diving in deep water, caves and shipwrecks
Swimming with sharks, dolphins and whales
Touching Komodo Dragons
Transiting Canals
White water rafting (Christi)
Wind Surfing
Zip Lines

Crime & Corruption
Bribes given: One, to transit the Suez Canal in one day. (It is possible some of the agents we used to check in/out of countries paid bribes, but only the one official ever asked us directly for a bribe)
Robberies/Break-In’s: Zero
Pick pocketing: One, when Eric’s phone was lifted in the Cairo Airport
Pirate attacks: Zero

How Many:
Bones did we break?: Eric broke a little toe, none for Christi
Cameras did we destroy?: 5
Cars/scooters did we rent?: 21
SCUBA Dives did Christi do?: 55
SCUBA Dives did Eric do? : 57
People were guests aboard Kosmos: 27
Times did we get sea sick?: mild sickness, lots and lots. Serious sickness, Eric once and Christi none.
Times did we have an ailment bad enough to go to the doctor?: Zero for Eric, two for Christi (though the second time she e-mailed a friend for a diagnosis instead of going in).

To The Best Of Our Knowledge…
We are the fourth smallest power boat to make it around the world, but we think the second smallest boat shouldn’t count because they didn’t have continuous crew.
We are the youngest couple to circumnavigate on a power boat

7 thoughts on “Some Kosmos World Trip Statistics”

  1. Well, I think you, and your achievement are truly amazing!

    Inspirational for all of us “armchair” passagemakers.

    Very well done,


  2. Eric and Christi,

    Congratulations on an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us who love to live vicariously through you. You are an inspiration to those of us who think spending a weekend our our boat is a long trip!

    See you soon,

    Big Deal (David, Evan, Alex, Lisa)

  3. Super Super Amazing accomplishment!!! I am so proud of both of you… You should add the stats on all the prep work you and Eric did for 4 years prior to the 2 years

  4. Thanks for all theses data collected.
    We are starting the calculation for a circumnavigation over at least 4 years on a Nordhavn 55, with longer stop in Marina, to help people, and your blog help us a lot. Great adventure and precises informations make your blog a very good tool for everyone looking for a trip like that.

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