More Food in St. Laurent du Var, France

This morning, Eric had another 0900 meeting, so he was up and out the door around 0815 since he knew traffic would be bad.

Christi was moving slow, still tired from jet lag and worn out from doing so much walking the previous two days. She spent the morning working on blog posts and took a long bath. Suddenly, it was noon and time to eat.

Wanting another really good meal, she went back to Cafe Sud, which was tried and true great food. This time, she ordered the seafood salad as a starter. Squid, shrimp, mussels, octopus and an unidentified little critter that looked like rings were served on a bed of lettuce with some chopped tomatoes, olive oil and lemon.

For her main, she got steak in a roquefort cheese sauce. The sauce had a lighter flavor than she expected. The cut of meat was a bit fatty, but she supposes the reason it was so amazingly tender and flavorful was because of the high fat content.  It was served with French fries. For dessert, she got a chocolate mousse, which was a rich dark chocolate, served with a small cookie on top.

It was a sunny day and lots of people were out, particularly mothers with small children, and she enjoyed people watching.

After lunch, she decided she wasn’t up for sightseeing today. She went back to the hotel and rested until Eric got back. Eric had a mixed day. Some of the meetings were good, some were not. He finished for the day at 1800 (6:00 pm),  but thanks to two heinous accidents on the road, didn’t actually reach the hotel until 1930.

For dinner, we went back to Nature Dame. Eric ordered the same thing as last time. Christi got an Autumn Salad, with mixed greens, cheese, beets, sprouts, cucumber, radishes, lots of sesame crusted chicken, apple slices and pumpkin (though she didn’t notice the pumpkin), and croutons.

After dinner, we were up late. Eric had a lot of emails regarding work back at the office that he needed to get caught up on.

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