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We are struggling with a book title. What do you all think of “Kosmic Voyage: Unexpected Boat, Unexpected People”? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Here is another one we’d like feedback on: “Kosmic Cruising: How Did You Get Here?”

  2. Book Title: “The Re-Birth of Adventure:
    A Circumnavigation in the trawler Kosmos”

    It renews the innate sense of discovery in every person, identifies the voyage as being on a trawler, and has the important words that people will hit during a Web search! Best wishes on your new book and title (Although we Both know that mine is best!)! 🙂

  3. Most non-boaters are unfamiliar with the word circumnavigation. When they hear it, they think it has something to do with foreskin surgeries. Add in the words re-birth, adventure and trawl, and they will likely be wondering why the book isn’t in the adult section. 😉

  4. i believe you should try? 4032 number of miles 21 days would roughly give you on your first leg of your circumnavigation? have enjoyied your journey

  5. Really like Kosmic Courage as well as your use of the word unexpected.
    How about Kosmic Courage: The Unexpected Boat and Our Voyage of Adventure

  6. Hey guys,

    Can’t wait for the book. I can’t help but think that the book title should reflect on why you both chose to do this voyage so young. We all know why: the tragedy of Christy’s mom… how about a tribute to her or something to do with no waiting, or putting things off?

  7. Kosmic Voyage: Around the World on a Trawler by a thirty-something couple.

    1. Kosmic has a “brand name” among those in the know about Nordhavns, and therefore your potential book buyers.
    2. Around the World gets across the extent of the voyage and avoids the “circum…” issue you spoke of, Eric.
    3. Trawler appeals to all the buyers of Passagemaker Magazine.
    4. The Thirty-something label is something that sets you guys apart from the rest of the cruiser world and should broaden your interest. It is also being used by Nordhavn and others to define the unique difference of your voyage.

    Just thoughts. There is no bad title. Its your book. Good luck!

    Author: “Adventures in the Ditch”

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