May 2016 Update on Us

We know the Kosmos Travel Log has been quiet, but its because life is busy and we don’t have time to write. We are doing well, and Keith keeps getting bigger!



Here is a quick update on us:

Christi continues to slowly but steadily get better. Compared to a healthy person, she still has a long way to go, but compared to two years ago, when she was first diagnosed, she is doing amazing! The hole in her kidney has shrunk by 75%. She no longer feels like a total zombie, and a lot of her cognitive function has returned. While she is thrilled about getting better, she is frustrated at how slow the recovery has been — she’s tired of being dumb and spacey!

Eric has just stepped back from his job as CTO of Neulion to start his own consulting firm, Disruption Wave. He is really excited about it.

Keith is doing wonderfully. In September 2015, we started him in a French language immersion pre-school two days a week. He loves school! However, he is very attached to his parents and doesn’t understand why mommy and daddy can’t go to school with him. This September, we’ll put him in the same pre-school five days a week.


Kosmos is doing fine. We did make a trip to Catalina a while ago, and consistently use her locally in the San Diego area. Eric is hoping that he will be working less hours at his new job, allowing him to get more boat projects completed. We’ve done quite a few projects in the last year, including replacing all the black water lines and having work done to the septic tanks. Someday, we’ll have time to write posts about all the work we’ve done.

Our two remaining parents are doing so-so. Eric’s mom has been relatively stable, but as she ages, she continues to decline in overall health despite doing everything she can to slow down the progression of her issues. Sadly, Christi’s dad chose to not do anything to slow down his issues, and now his issues have become severe. Between herself, Keith, and the parents, Christi spends a ridiculous amount of time at assorted doctor offices.

We still plan on going cruising at some point in the future. The longer term goal is head back to the South Pacific. There are a lot of obstacles in the way that could stop us, but there were a lot of obstacles the first time and we still managed to pull it off.

The blog will likely continue to be quiet for a while. We do fondly look over all the previous posts, and it is great to hear about them providing inspiration to folks. While many years have passed since our journey, the memories are still vivid and amazing.

6 thoughts on “May 2016 Update on Us”

  1. Christi and Eric,

    My girlfriend Olga and I have watched the videos posted with Nordhavn and read your books. We live in San Francisco now and I am a Director for Pacific Gas and Electric and Olga is a CPA with a public accounting firm. We were sorry to hear of your medical challenges and wish you a speedy and full recovery. You have been an inspiration to us in our search for our own Nordhavn and our dream of motoring around the world on our own bottom! We especially found your comments on the subject of everyone thinking you were crazy, to be right on the mark for us. We have stopped telling anyone outside the Nordhavn family our dream and plan for the future.

    This past weekend, we visited Dana Point and viewed N43 “Endurance”, the newly delivered N59 Coastal Pilot, N63 “Piredmus” and N55 “Myah”. We were in Nordhavn Heaven! James Leishman did a great job of showing us around and made us feel welcome to the Nordhavn Family. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Dana Point and we had one of our best days in a long time. We had a great lunch/brunch at Waterman’s overlooking the harbor and then looked at a bunch of open house boats for sale. We also ogled a couple of other Nordhavns in the marina; N68 “Gitana”, N55 “Grey Pearl” and N47 “Sea Turtle”. We took lots of pictures and found the visit very useful all around for narrowing down our search.

    James also told us of a new project they are dreaming up at PAE, a stretched version of the N43 that is being considered, similar to the N52 upgrade of the N47. It had no name yet, but he said they were going to differentiate it from the original N46 in some way, perhaps N46.5.

    We actually could not help but think that we were not far from Kosmos and the Grab family. It would be great if we could meet someday and pick your brains a bit more about life on the water with your Kosmos!

    Fair winds and following seas,

    Doug Potts and Olga Butorina

  2. Eric /Christi, we are happy to hear the Christi is getting better and you may have a little more time to enjoy the boat. I think your posts are great as they allow dreamers some insight into what can happen in life and disrupt your plans. Just think if you had held off five years before making your voyage? Hope to see you one day in San Diego.

    John & Maria
    N4050, N4061, N3522 – Former Owners

  3. John, it is so good to hear from you! Yes, we are so grateful that we went when we did. Looking forward to seeing you and Maria again!

  4. Your plans sound wonderful and we hope they work out! Don’t let the nay-sayers get to you. As long as you do your homework and proper preparation, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime. We’d be happy to meet up with you if you are ever in town.

  5. Hi Eric and Christi, I just finished ready your wonderful books — I thoroughly enjoyed them as I learned a lot about the history, geography, and cultures you explored. I’d never venture as you have, but loved learning about your experiences and observations. I plan to explore more of your blogs to expand on your experiences since the end of Part 2. You packed a lot in the two books, but I am interested in the recent happenings. Thanks, Christi, for getting all this written down and for giving me the books at SDSU Homecoming last fall. My ino is below so we can keep in touch!

  6. Hello Eric and Christi, I hope all is well with you both and you son. We take delivery of the new boat next week and should have her in SD within a week. We will be back at Sunroad Marina on Harbor Island and look forward to meeting you all for dinner one night at Coasterra’s at the end of Harbor Island. We recently lost Daisy after 16 1/2 years and found a new pup which is keeping Mary busy. You will meet Sailor Blue when we get together.

    Have you heard from Richard Burklin lately?

    John & Maria

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