Lunch at Zurna

Today we set out in search of a boat store. We had found the store listed in the directory from the marina, and had absolutely no clue where it was. We gave the taxi driver the address and he took us to the southeast part of the island, an area much farther out than we have already been. As we got further from downtown, the skyscrapers thinned out. This area has a lot of turn of the century row homes, but most of the buildings are newer townhouse style residential buildings or low rise condos. There were even a few Continue reading Lunch at Zurna

More Sentosa and Singapore Mexican Food

After the history museum, we went to the butterfly and insect museum. This museum is certainly much more detailed than the one we had visited in Kuranda, with geological exhibits and tons of species in glass. They have some nasty looking creatures in there. You move from the museum area to the butterfly sanctuary, where many species of butterflies flitted about amongst beautifully landscaped terrain. Unlike Kuranda, most of the plants are flowering. There are food stations with sweet food on the table to supplement the nectar from the flowers. In the pictures below, the first photo are of Clippers and the second of Tree Nymphs. There are also tropical birds and turtles in the sanctuary, too.





Even though this sanctuary is nicer overall, we liked the Kuranda one better, probably because Continue reading More Sentosa and Singapore Mexican Food

Sentosa Attractions

Even though we have been staying on Sentosa Island, we hadn’t explored it as of yet. Sentosa was uninhabited before the British arrived. The British used Sentosa as a fort island to protect Singapore Island and until a few years ago, it contained nothing but the old forts. Then the island was designated a recreational area and master planned. There is tons of building going on all over Sentosa. The section of the island called Sentosa Cove, where we are staying, has tons of homes being built. We have been told some are selling as high as Continue reading Sentosa Attractions

Sunday Buffet Brunch, Singapore Style

Today Eric and Christi were zombies. Four days of non-stop walking and little sleep had taken its toll on us. Omar and Marion were much fuller of energy. They went to the mall so Marion could get more clothes and toiletries. It was looking like Marion’s bag wasn’t going to arrive, after all, so she needed the basics. They were going to Sri Lanka later tonight, and she doubted she would be able to get what she needed in Sri Lanka.

While Omar and Marion were out shopping, Eric and Christi dragged themselves to the marina restaurant for lunch. They were having their Sunday buffet featuring Continue reading Sunday Buffet Brunch, Singapore Style