Exploring Nice, France Some More

Continued from yesterday… Christi took a different path down from the Lou Castel park than she had taken up. When she got to the park gate, she found herself on the waterfront. The only problem was that she had no idea where on the waterfront she was! Here is a shot of the Tour Bellanda and the staircase that leads up into the park from from the bottom.

Christi headed inland, and after a couple blocks found herself in the familiar Cours Saley street market. She wandered through Continue reading Exploring Nice, France Some More

More Food in St. Laurent du Var, France

This morning, Eric had another 0900 meeting, so he was up and out the door around 0815 since he knew traffic would be bad.

Christi was moving slow, still tired from jet lag and worn out from doing so much walking the previous two days. She spent the morning working on blog posts and took a long bath. Suddenly, it was noon and time to eat.

Wanting another really good meal, she went back to Cafe Sud, which was tried and true great food. This time, she ordered the seafood salad as a starter. Squid, shrimp, mussels, octopus and an unidentified little critter that looked like rings were served on a bed of lettuce with some chopped tomatoes, olive oil and lemon.

For her main, she Continue reading More Food in St. Laurent du Var, France

Exploring St. Laurent du Var, France

On Monday, we woke up refreshed after about 12.5 blissful hours of sleep. Eric rushed off to Cannes, about 35 kilometers southwest. Unfortunately, Eric had a hard time fining the correct road to Cannes and got lost yet again. Also, the traffic was really bad. He eventually made it, though quite late. His conference was only so-so, primarily because today’s program focused on facets that didn’t directly apply to him. On his way back to Nice, he again got lost.

Christi had a leisurely morning. She reviewed French vocabulary words, did a little work on the Internet for her Parentella job, and took a long bath (with no bathtub aboard Kosmos, baths are a rare luxury for her!) before setting off at 1100. Unlike yesterday, which was warm and sunny and full of people, today it was cool, overcast and almost deserted.

She walked west to the end of the boardwalk. The beach area didn’t continue for much farther past the Snack we’d eaten at last night. Beyond the beach was a very large marina, filled mostly with boats under 50 feet.

The boardwalk continued for the Continue reading Exploring St. Laurent du Var, France