Speaking at the California Yacht Club in L.A.

On Thursday, April 28, we will be speaking at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. The event is open to the public! No host cocktails begin at 6:15 pm, full buffet dinner served at 7:00 pm, and we will do our presentation after dinner. Cost is $20 per person (includes dinner, tax, service and parking fees). Reservations required: 310-823-4567.

Nordhavn Video Featuring Us!

Nordhavn has been making a series of videos to promote their boats. They featured us in one of them, and they even let us talk about the book at the end!

Nordhavn Interview with Grabs

Sorry we have not been keeping the blog updated. All is well with us; life has just gotten busy. We are still hoping to find that missing SD card so we can load the rest of our Passage Across America Photos and Alaska on a Cruise Ship photos. Also, we had work done to Kosmos in November that we want to write about, as well.

We Haven’t Vanished

Sorry we have not been updating the blog lately. This post will fill you in on what we have been up to.

Sadly, we misplaced the SD card with the last of our road trip pictures, which is why we never finished the road trip posts. Yellowstone was AMAZING. From Yellowstone, we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is lovely, then to Las Vegas. One day we intend to put up a special post about Las Vegas casinos.

Eric and Christi are split about which “World’s Largest Gift Store” is biggest: Vegas or Missouri. The Missouri store is much larger in terms of square footage. It is filled with unique items, many of which are quite large (like full size stuffed bears and a car). The Vegas store is filled with cheap, tacky souvenirs imported from China. Most of the items are quite small, like key chains and playing cards. Eric says the Vegas store is bigger since they probably have more actual items for sale. Christi thinks the Missouri store is bigger because of the square footage and larger variety of merchandise.

Upon returning from the road trip, Eric was offered a new job. We took a week long trip to Alaska (on a cruise ship–gasp!) with our parents before he began his job. That is another series of posts we hope to put up someday, as well.

Eric’s new job has him working a lot of hours and he has little free time. Christi spent the summer working on a few “life projects” that had been neglected over the last three years. She also cleaned the boat from head to toe, including every secret compartment and under the floors. Now that those projects are done, she has gotten serious about book 2. She had hoped to have it done by the end of this month, but February is looking more realistic now.

Book 1 has been selling incredibly well–for a self-published book, at least. We continue to get great feedback on it. For those of you who have read it, we would appreciate it if you would rate it on Amazon or Lulu for us. Also, if anyone in the Southern California area wants Christi to do a presentation on our trip to a group, please let us know.

Book Ready to Buy

cover-with-isbn-the-unexpected-circumnavigation-part-1-small.pngSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

We did it, we published the book! The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People — Part 1 San Diego to Australia is done and available to purchase. The book is available through the publisher, Lulu. You can get a printed paperback book shipped to you, a digital copy, or both. The Lulu site has the full description, preview pages (the preview is low resolution, but we assure you it comes out sharp when printed or downloaded), and a shopping cart to buy the book.

You can buy the book now from Lulu!. If you enter the code IDES in the coupon section at the checkout screen, you will get 10% off the purchase price (through March 31, 2010).

It was a 10 month process to create the book. The book is different from the blog. It is written in first person from Christi’s perspective. It has new information, including things we did not want to mention on the blog. Learn about the challenges, rewards, and the surprises that come with both traveling and boating. It is a fun an easy read that both boaters and non-boaters will enjoy.

We want to thank everyone for their support in creating the book.

Book Coming Soon!

Volume 1, of the yet untitled book covering San Diego to Australia will hopefully be ready to purchase soon. Many people have asked us why they should buy our book if they can read our blog for free. Here are a few good reasons:

  • Prologue: How we formed the dream and the early planning stages.
  • The entire 21 day passage from San Diego to Nuka Hiva has been re-written. At that point, the blog was in real time and we didn’t want people to worry about us. But the truth was that it was tough!
  • Many new stories from the journey – And there are some really good ones!
  • In Retrospect sections with great insights — so you can see the situation through the eyes of a newbie as we learn, while simultaneously seeing the same situation through the eyes of experience.
  • Streamlined stories – some complained our posts were too long and detailed, and the book is a condensed version they will enjoy more.
  • Formatting is first person, through Christi’s eyes – Some complained they didn’t like the third person format, so they will enjoy the book more.
  • Actual dates on each post. On the blog, the dates are not real time, which is a significant piece of information for anyone hoping to follow in our footsteps.
  • All profits will go to our cruising fund. The more books we sell, the sooner you can start reading about our next journey! So, buy one and get all your friends to buy one, too!