January 2012 Update

We are pleased to report that Part 2 of The Unexpected Circumnavigation is selling well (for a self-published book, at least). We haven’t gotten much feedback as of yet, but so far all of it has been good. If you want to read some excerpts, there is one in The Mariner Magazine taken from Chapter 1 (starts on page 18) and one on Lulu with the first few pages of the prologue (click on preview link under image of book). If you have already read the book, we’d appreciate if you would rate it on Lulu, as well.

Part 1 is also selling well. Sales had been steady for most of 2011, but since Part 2 came out, sales of Part 1 have leaped up.

We are nearly finished with our next book project, a workbook called Recipe for Success: What My Cruising Will Cost Me. The text is more or less complete, but we are finding it harder to format a workbook than a reading book. We didn’t have much time to work on it over the holidays, but now that things have slowed down, we hope to have it done by the end of the month. Once Recipe for Success is finished, Christi will focus on Part 3 of The Unexpected Circumnavigation. 

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Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Book 2!

The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People Part 2 – Australia to Oman is currently being printed. The book will officially go on sale on Friday, November 11th. It will retail for $21.50 for the paper book and $7.95 for the e-book.

If you would like to pre-order a signed, discounted paper copy of Book 2 for only $16.50, send Christi an email with your mailing address. She will calculate shipping costs and any applicable taxes and send you a total. Payments will be accepted via Paypal or U.S.check. Signed and discounted paper copies of Book 1 are also available for $14.95.

Book 2 Description: 

No one expected these thirty-something professionals to give up their successful careers to pilot their own small boat around the world, especially because they started with almost no boating experience. Instead of the expected sailboat, they chose a 43 foot trawler powerboat, which many believed was incapable of crossing oceans. Most people expected them to fail. But they surprised the skeptics when they successfully circumnavigated the globe in 2 years, visiting 110 places along the way in 34 countries.

Part 2 of The Unexpected Circumnavigation journals Christi and Eric’s travels to 21 fascinating destinations, ranging from popular to remote. You will feel what it is like to be on long sea passages, experience the local food and cultures and participate in unique tours and adventures, including SCUBA, exotic animals, nature’s 600 foot tall “secret rooms” & villages untouched by modernization. Learn about the challenges, rewards, and surprises that come with both traveling and boating.

June 2011 Update

Part 1 of the Unexpected Circumnavigation  continues to sell well, for a self published book at least! We are working on getting it onto Kindle and into other e-pub and mobi forms. Right now it is only available in PDF, which isn’t quite the same as e-pub.

Part 2 is in the home stretch and should be completed relatively soon. Christi hasn’t been updated the blog primarily because she is focusing on finishing the book.

We have loaded a few photos from our circumnavigation onto Facebook (you do not need to be a member of Facebook to view them). There aren’t a ton on there now, but we have been slowly but steadily adding photos. If you “like” the page, you can see the photos as they are posted. Or, you can follow Christi on Twitter, which also notifies you when photos are added.

Work is keeping Eric very busy, but we have hopes that later this year he can try working remotely. If he can, we’ll do some limited coastal cruising and see how working remotely goes. With that goal in mind, we’ve been steadily getting Kosmos ready for cruising, including a new drawer freezer than can run on either AC or DC, new batteries, new alternators, and a whole host of other items we will hopefully get around to writing about soon.

Speaking on April 28 in LA

Just a reminder that on Thursday, April 28, we will be speaking at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. The event is open to the public! No host cocktails begin at 6:15 pm, full buffet dinner served at 7:00 pm, and we will do our presentation after dinner. Cost is $20 per person (includes dinner, tax, service and parking fees). Reservations required: 310-823-4567.

We Will Be on World Footprints Radio Show!!!

On Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 pm EST (3:00 pm PST), we will be both be interviewed on World Footprints Radio show by Tonya Fitzpatrick! World Footprints is an award winning international show. Listen to it live at www.blogtalkradio.com/WorldFootprints.

After the segment is completed, you can listen to it online at or download it at: http://www.worldfootprints.com/info?info=gary-chapman-love-languages-unexpected-circumnavigation-global-volunteer-network.